Thursday 28 March 2013

Flavourly Boxes

A few weeks ago the lovely folk at Flavourly asked if I would like to sample one of their boxes. A bit like the veg packs you can order online, Flavourly send a box of gourmet goodies to your desired address every month. You can even order one offs if you prefer. They will then pick a selection of goods for you to try. Not really knowing what to expect, I signed up and waited for the box to arrive...
Flavourly - How it works
How it all works...
As luck would have it, my goodie box arrived after a particularly heinous day at work and so was hugely appreciated! It comes compactly wrapped in a little cardboard box with purple print. It was reassuringly heavy, so I knew all sorts of amazing items lay inside...
Flavourly - How it works
There was a geniune 'eek!' of excitement when I tore through the tissue paper to find what lay beneath. My box contained:
  • Cambrook Caramelised Blueberry Bar
  • Cambrook Sesame Peanuts
  • Trotters Uncle Allan's Chutney
  • Cochrane Cottage Fat Fre Lime Drizzle
  • The Bath Pig Original Chorizo 
  • Corn Again Chilli and Lime Popcorn
Flavourly - March Box
I'm not going to lie to you. I started to devour bits from the box the same night. I have to confess this now as some of you may have seen the giddy pictures I posted to Facebook. Busted.
Flavourly - March Box
So here's what I thought...

Cambrook Caramelised Almond and Blueberry Bar
I hate blueberries. So then, why did this look so appealing? This little bar is made up of almonds covered in a sticky purple fruit glaze. It's not too sweet either. Nice little energy booster and tasty too!

Cambrook Sesame Peanuts
By far my favourite item in this pack. These are out of this world! Imagine the toffee coating on popcorn, but a hundred times better. These peanuts are drenched in caramel and then scattered with sesame seeds. I think my husband got to try one. Just one. I adored them.

Trotters Uncle Allan's Chutney
This is made from apples, onions, dates and sultanas left to marinade in malt vinegar, so it's more like a pickle than your traditional cooked chutney. This is perfect with thick cut off the bone ham on a fresh bloomer. Lovely!

Cochrane Cottage Fat Free Lime Drizzle
This nifty little item can be drizzled over salads, chicken or fish; or tasted off a spoon straight out of the box as I did first time round. It's sweet yet tangy! Perfect for barbecue season. If we ever see it.

The Bath Pig Original Chorizo 
This smells amazing! It's really firm and packed with flavour. The smoked paprika perfumes the room as soon as it's open. If you like a spicy sausage, this is the one for you! It has a smooth texture and a cheeky hint of ginger. Very nice indeed.

Corn Again Chilli and Lime Popcorn
Another show stopper. This was so good I took some into work for my friends to try. Who would have thought that chilli and lime worked so well on popcorn? We particularly liked the fact that some pieces were really rather mild, whilst others blew your head off! Amazing.
Flavourly - Cambrook Peanuts
Cambrook Sesame Peanuts
If you want to order a Flavourly box, you can make a one off payment whenever you fancy, there's the popular three month option or you can subscribe for six months. My friend Kev bought his the second he saw my pictures on Twitter! If you're new to Flavourly, use the promotional code GIFT10 to get £10 off your first order. This makes it cheaper to give them a try too.

I loved this little box of tricks because it made me try products that I may never have had if left to my own devices. There was nothing in the box that I didn't enjoy, and a few others which I will hunt down in the future. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a Flavourly box free of charge to review, however the thoughts are all my own. Greedy pig. 

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