Saturday 30 March 2013

Goodies from Clarks

Clarks Maple Syrups
I love trying new products. I'd say it's one of my favourite pastimes! This week the lovely folk at Clark's sent me some of their maple syrup and honey products to try. I had already used their original maple syrup in my apple bundt cake, but had never tried their other variations or honey before.

I received bottles of the following:

  • Clark's Canadian No. 1 (medium) Maple Syrup
  • Clark's Vanilla Maple Syrup
  • Clark's Original Maple Syrup
  • Clark's Orange Blossom Honey
  • Clark's Acacia Honey
  • Clark's Clear Blossom Honey
  • Clark's Lavender Honey

Clarks Maple Syrup and Honey
I tried them all, one after the other to get an idea of how they compared to each other. Whilst the flavours are subtly different, I can already see how much difference they would make in baking. The lavender honey would go beautifully in my honey nut bundt cake! Seeing them all side by side also makes you appreciate the variation of colours too.

So here's what I thought...

Clark's Canadian No. 1 (medium) Maple Syrup
This is considered the 'real maple syrup'. It's produced in the Quebec region of Canada and is made by collecting tree sap and boiling it down into syrup. Did you know that is takes about 4kg of tree sap to make 100g of pure maple syrup? Fact of the day!

This syrup has that distinct maple taste which is sweet without being overpowering. This is perfect over pancakes, porridge, bacon or gammon. I wouldn't waste this fine grade in baking as some of its lovely richness may be lost. It's a drizzler!
Bundt Cakes
Above: Honey Nut Bundt
Below: British Apples Bundt

Clark's Vanilla Maple Syrup
This is a blend of maple syrup, natural vanilla and Mediterranean carob fruit. Carob is a low glycemic product with around 25% less calories than sugar. This is perfect for baking because of the added vanilla. It tastes naturally sweeter than the Canadian No.1, but feels a little lighter.

Clark's Original Maple Syrup
Clark's Original is the best selling Maple Syrup in the UK. Again, this is blended with fruit carob meaning its a little lighter and more affordable but still tastes great! Again, perfect for baking or as a sugar substitute in drinks. This is the one I use in my apple cake as it's not overpowering. Apple and maple are a match made in heaven!

Clark's Orange Blossom Honey
This is a pale honey with a slight citrus tang. It's made from hives situated in orange groves around the world and definitely has a different taste to standard honey. It's a great all rounder and could be used in baking, on desserts or as a sugar substitute in drinks. Ideal hot toddy material!

Clark's Acacia Honey
This is very pale in colour and mild in taste, perfect for anyone who is not keen on strong honey. As above but without the citrus flavour, this is a little more floral. Perfect in tea.

Clark's Clear Blossom Honey
Although this is called clear, it's darker than the two above. This is ever so slightly stronger so would be nice on toast, drizzled over desserts or used in a marinade.

Clark's Lavender Honey
This was my favourite by far. Subtle floral notes, gathered by bees buzzing around the lavender fields of Spain. This would be nice on croissants or folded into cream and smothered between a Victoria sponge. Beautiful!

Thanks to Clarks for opening my eyes to the many types of sugary treats available in a squeezy bottle. I see them being used in many cakes over the Spring months!

Disclaimer: I was sent these products fee of charge, but under no obligation to write about them or give a positive review. I genuinely loved every one!

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