Saturday 2 February 2013

Delicieux, Bolton

Delicieux, Bolton
I had mixed feelings about going to Delicieux. I wasn't a huge fan of the business which was on this site before it, and I already have my local favourites. However, being a right nosy Parker I also felt I had to see what they had on offer. 

It's always been an awkward place for a business. Delicieux is on the roundabout where Chorley Old Road and Moss Bank Way meet, and doesn't benefit from being on a main high street amongst other shops. McDonalds is a short walk away, and seems to do well in this area. Therefore attracting visitors from elsewhere is key. 

Parking was always an issue when this building was Zest. We regularly chose to drive past rather than go in because there was no obvious place to park. However, the bottom car park is now more accessible to customers and today we didn't have a problem.
Delicieux, Bolton
The stark white building has been given a new lease of life with strong pastel stripes on the side, and pretty new signage. It caught my eye because the colours reminded me of my favourite spot in Horwich, Thyme Deli.

Walking into Delicieux feels very different to when it was Zest. It's much more homely and the new soft furnishings add a little comfort to what was previously quite a severe dining room. I had a chat to the owner, Debbie about some of the mouth watering produce in the chillers by the tills. There was a fantastic array of pastries, cakes, savoury snacks and tarts, as well as treats to take home. She said she has really tried to create something which is different to other establishments locally. Delicieux is like an eclectic mix of Sugar Junction, Thyme Deli, Breda Murphy and Home Sweet Home; I'm sure for that reason that the girls at the Afternoon Tea Club would love it here!
Delicieux, Bolton - Counters
Although a lot of the food is cooked fresh on site, they also utilise local suppliers too. There were all day breakfast and Cumberland scotch eggs made by 'The Happy Belly' and breads, cakes and pastries from Hunter's Bakers - both based in Bolton.

Our friends Kevin and Lucie have been a couple of times already, and recommended the full English. We couldn't see any breakfast items on the menu, but when we asked the young chap serving us, he explained that they did bacon or sausage sandwiches and the 'breakfast platter'. This consisted of bacon, egg, sausage, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, haggis and toast, all served in a frying pan! It would have been rude not to!

My husband asked for his without tomatoes and mushrooms and I asked for no mushrooms. I think we confused them slightly as I ended up with mushrooms but no tomatoes. I wasn't too bothered so carried on regardless. The bacon was nice and crisp, the sausages had a warm spiciness to them and it turns out I like haggis. I can't recall ever trying it before, mainly because I presumed it would taste like black pudding, which it doesn't.
Delicieux, Bolton - Breakfast Platter
The tea comes served in lovely mismatched china, which I can't help but love. I was tickled half to death when three young lads rocked up to the table next to us and ordered burgers and tea. They looked so refined with their tea cups and 'down with the kids' jeans... Maybe this is a new trend amongst the youth of today... china. If this is the case, I am bang on trend.
Delicieux, Bolton - Tea
Although we went for breakfast, we spent our waiting time perusing the daytime menu, which I have to say looks great. Bread platters with cheese and cooked meats, triple cooked chips, pork pie soup with a ham hock slider (I know!) and signature desserts all caught my eye. We'll definitely be returning for lunch another time. 

Before we left, we decided on a little takeaway for later. My husband got one of the Cumberland scotch eggs and I purchased a custard tart. Although the scotch egg hasn't yet been sampled, this custard tart was demolished in about thirty seconds. I was devastatingly good. Hunter's know their stuff. This got added to the mental bank of 'what could you just have...?' 
Delicieux, Bolton - Custard Tart
Debbie and her troop are clearly still finding their feet and settling into serving the new menu, but they have only been open for a month. Thirteen days after they opened Debbie's face was burned by a faulty oven, but she was back in work the next day getting back on track. I'm pleased they seem to be offering something different, and I'm sure word of mouth will mean this is a popular little meeting place.

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  1. I don't know if you'd have had the same sausages that I had, but they were amazing. Some of the best sausage I've ever tasted.

    (There's a joke in there somewhere)

  2. So glad you enjoyed them, we used Barron's of Beef up until last weekend and we now use happy belly Toulouse sausages in our breakfast platters

  3. Ooh that custard tart looks just like the ones you get in Portugal!

  4. I'm sat in Deliceux right now! I adore it here!


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