Monday 30 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday
I was missing last week. I wasn't being lazy, I was (as Joe Mangle would say...) crook. I was a horrid, festering pile, and had no energy for Meal Planning Monday. It also meant my taste buds were shot, so I wasn't that hungry anyway. However, I've been a bit of a pig this weekend, so it's now time to try and eat a little better this week.

Monday: Not sure yet. It depends what time the delivery man comes with my replacement KitchenAid. Yes, really. I am now on my fifth pink mixer since March. All with different faults. Let's hope this is the last... I'll probably end up having a bigger lunch and having some cereal at silly-o'clock.
TuesdaySteak and frites with broccoli.
Wednesday: Chicken, vegetables and low fat coleslaw. Boring but necessary.
Thursday (Friday Eve): Yay! We're going back to Solita with Wayne and Vicki! Excited as a bugger! Deep fried coke here we come! If I am talking in riddles you really must investigate...
Friday: Probably something quick and easy (code for take-away from Chicco's...) because I'll be making teeth from sugarpaste. That's right. Teeth. I'm making more monster cupcakes...
Saturday: I will be baking the cakes and decorating them on Saturday afternoon before they are collected for Ewan's party. I'm sure I will be overcome by sugar fumes at this point and want something savoury. I think I might make St John's Welsh Rarebit as we've plenty of ale in!
Sunday: Nothing planned for the first time in ages! Possibly out for tea. Who knows!?


  1. I cant believe you bought into the gimmick that is kitchenAid. Get a kenwood and you'll never look back. Its a much better mixer by far. Never will you have to hug a towel around the bowl to stop that cloud of icing sugar from escaping into your kitchen. :-)

  2. Too bad about your KitchenAid. I swear I love mine!

  3. My 3rd arrives on Wednesday

  4. Oh no what bad luck! I adore my Kitchen Aid (also pink). Hope this one is ok.



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