Saturday 24 March 2012

Fika at Vete-Katten

The idea of 'fika' was a bedazzling one. It roughly translates to drinking coffee with a sweet accompaniment. Yes. It sounds like my kind of pass-time. All food establishments in Sweden have an amazing array of sandwiches and home made cakes. Nothing looks mass produced, and everything looks appealing. 

We found Vete-Katten in the Stockholm Time Out Guide. It's situated in the bustling Norrmalm area, hidden amongst street markets and busy department stores. Translated into English, Vete-Katten means 'wheat-cat', which is traced back to the original owner who was pushed for a name!

Vete-Katten is a proper Konditori (old fashioned coffee shop) where hot drinks are served from a hatch and milk and sugar are housed on a large lace covered table with an oversized lampshade dangling above. Like most eateries, it's quite dark inside and I couldn't quite help but feel like I'd just walked into someone's living room and asked them to make me a cuppa.

Between us we sampled three different cakes. My husband had something that resembled a large doughnut with custard in the centre (Solbulle), but it was much softer and seemed to be baked rather than fried. I had two smaller cakes. Both seemed to be based around the notion of frangipan but with a slight twist. The first was covered with a strawberry icing with pieces of fruit in it (Mazarin), the second was more of a classic almond bake (Polynee). All were beautifully fresh and packed with flavour.

Polynee & Mazarin
When you walk to the back of the shop it's like a whole new world. There is a take away section which sells all the amazing goodies on offer in the cafe, but in ridiculous volume. The sheer amount of different types of cakes, chocolates and breads made and sold in one day is breathtaking. Here are just a few...

One thing we did notice is that the bakery attracts the tourists, whereas the cafe (hidden in the back of the shop) is very much a local huant. Only one member of staff spoke English and it was clear that most of the people in there were regulars.

I would go back here in a heartbeat. If ever you find yourself wandering around Stockholm... GO!  

Find out more about Vete-Katten here.

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