Tuesday 6 March 2012

Baking epidemic...

Cake fever is gripping Bolton. 

First the Clandestine Cake Club Bolton is a huge success and now people are telling tales of home made sponges, custom mixed food colouring and experimental flapjack. People are baking. 

My friend Vicki is a self confessed novice baker. She is an excellent cook, therefore I had no concerns about her baking ability. She came to the first Clandestine Cake Club Bolton to offer moral support, and played down the cake she was planning to bring. She made it three times that I know of to make sure it was just right. It was a beautifully moist banana loaf with a sugar topping. Delicious! The girl can bake...
My partner in crime Sarah is a busy girl. She works, and has a husband and three young children to look after. Imagine how thrilled I was when she appeared in work with baked goods for us to test! She had been baking with her little girl. She even made the flapjack twice to get the right consistency. My flabber was gasted! All her offerings were wonderful. Well done Sarah and Libby!

Clockwise: Tea Loaf, Flapjack and Victoria Sponge with fresh cream
I'd love to hear your tales. Is the baking bug spreading...?

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