Thursday 7 April 2016

Review - Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods
This week I was approached by Uncommon Goods, who asked for my thoughts on their website. Uncommon Goods pride themselves on being environmentally friendly, socially responsible and a rewarding place to work. They offer a wide range of handmade, recycled and organic products, and vow to sell no product that harms humans or animals. They build optional charity donations into the checkout, and are generally good eggs when it comes to the products they sell and the way they sell them.

I went straight to the food related gifts (obviously), and started to look for anything that caught my eye. Here's what I found...

Whiskey stones: Quite a few people I know bought these as Christmas gifts. You just freeze them and pop them in your whiskey (or indeed any drink). They're better than standard ice as they don't melt and dilute your drink! Find them here
Uncommon Goods
Hotdog booties: How amazing are these? I adore them. They're made from natural wool and are all hand-stitched. You even get to see a picture of the lady who makes them. Very cute. Find them here. 
Uncommon Goods
Personalised mini rolling pin: Okay, so it isn't really a foodie item (the pink 'dough' gave the game away), but I liked it! I made many a pretend pie out of Playdough when I was a nipper. Find it here
Uncommon Goods
Go and have a look for yourselves, there are some lovely things on there. 

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in partnership with Uncommon Goods, but are my own opinions. 

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