Monday 2 November 2015

Mowgli, Manchester

Mowgli, Manchester
Two posts, back to back, both Mowgli. The only difference was the city. Last Saturday my husband and I went to Mowgli in Liverpool. I loved it so much, I was texting my friend pictures of the food and suggesting that we go the following Friday. I was hooked.

Manchester's Corn Exchange has had a major refit recently. It's gone from being a drab collection of shops that no-one knew about, to a bright, open space to go and enjoy lots of wonderful food and drink. I've already been to Wahaca, and The Cosy Club and Banyan for drinks, and also have my eyes on Pho and Cabana in the next few weeks. There's even another Byron popped up in there. It's all very exciting indeed.

Mowgli's Manchester site is very different to that on quaint little Bold Street in Liverpool. They've maintained the cute interior, but outside is treated to that wonderful light that splashes through the glass ceiling of the Corn Exchange.
Mowgli, Manchester
Friday was my friend Clare's birthday. She's a veggie so if I'm picking where we go, I like to make sure it's somewhere where she has more than vegetable moussaka or baked fungus to choose from. Mowgli seemed the perfect answer, as much of authentic Indian cuisine is vegetable based anyway, without compromising on flavour.

Once again, we were greeted by some lovely front of house staff, who made a point of putting us in a 'nice booth'. The menu was explained, and drinks arrived soon after. You'll notice I didn't take as many pictures this time. There were two reasons for this; firstly we had a lot of the dishes I had covered in my Liverpool review, and secondly it was very dark in there!

Sweet Delhi Diazepam - Gin, raspberries, green chartreuse, fresh ginger, lemon, passion fruit & apple juice: Not pictured, but covered in my last post. My friend Clare likes a sweet, fruity cocktail, so I recommended this. Bursting full of fresh raspberries, it does exactly what you'd imagine from the name; chills you right out.
Lychee Rose Martini - Vodka, fresh lychee and lemon juice, infused and shaken with rose petals: This one was a recommendation from our lovely waitress. I may have declared it the best cocktail I've ever had. My friend Lee pointed out that I have said this many times, but upon trying it, understood.
Smoked Cardamom Old Fashioned - Monkey shoulder whisky, apricot liqueur, smoke of freshly fired black cardamom, fresh curry leaves finished with an orange twist: Usually an Old Fashioned is a little on the boozy side for me, but the cardamom gave this a beautiful warmth which mellowed the whisky a little.
Mowgli, Manchester
Now to try and remember everything we ate! Don't judge us... there were four of us and we were hungry like the wolf...

Tamarind Chat Bombs - Tangy tamarind mint water bombs: So weird... yet so good! They are literally like spicy water-bombs. Put it in your mouth in one go and pop it! You can keep your molecular gastronomy 'spherification' - I prefer this!
The Bombay Chip Butty - Roti wrap, fenugreek kissed turmeric fries, chilli pickle, red onion, coriander, green chilli and Mowgli tomato relish: This was on my radar in Liverpool. I urge you to try this! Crisp, spicy chunks of potato mixed with a load of goodies in a wrap. Show me the carbs.
Himalayan Cheese Toast - Coriander, red onion and green chilli dressing, sharp cheddar and served with Indian pickle: Just as heavenly as last time. A thick wedge of bread with a thick topping of cheese and chilli.
Calcutta Kati Wrap - Fragrant masala frittata with coriander herbed cheese in a soft wholemeal roti wrap: We all loved this. That soft cheese was surprisingly sweet, but worked perfectly. This is the kind of thing I'd happy nibble on whilst watching telly in the evening. Perfect snacking item.
Rooti - Grilled wholemeal flat breads: Soft and lovely, and perfect for scooping the other goodies.
Mowgli Basmati Rice - Steamed with black cardamom and cumin: Nothing terribly exciting, but cooked wonderfully and fragranced with spice.
Mowgli Paneer - Tender cubes of soft paneer cheese simmered with velvet, sweet, spiced tomatoes, garden peas and fresh spinach: We may have ordered two of these, because I'd raved about it so much! It didn't disappoint second time round. Still just as heavenly.
Tea Steeped Chickpeas - Chickpeas simmered in a rich Darjeeling and spiced tomato and spinach sauce: Perfect when piled on a rooti with some keema. Top tip for you there...
Picnic Potato Curry - Tossed in fenugreek, tomato and the haunting Bengali Five Spice: Simple again, yet did the job. The perfect partner to something like the butter chicken.
Mowgli House Keema - Succulent ground lamb, roasted cumin, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, tomatoes and pulses: One of my faves. My carnivorous pals had to agree, and one isn't a massive meat eater.
Mother Butter Chicken - Tandoori chicken pieces simmered in a rich, sweet, spiced tomato and yoghurt sauce finished with a gloss of butter: I'm so glad we tried this. Forget everything you know of butter chicken. This, picnic potato and a bit of paneer in a rooti... you heard.
Aunty Geeta’s Prawn Curry - Tanged with nigella seed, green chilli, tomato, garden peas and mustard: I didn't try this one as I'm not a prawn lover (despite my recent brush with them at Ning). However, Carlton managed to polish the lot, so I'm presuming it was a winner.
Mowgli, Manchester
I feel that at some point I must meet owner Nisha, and kiss her face. Maybe I'll settle for a nice chat, but either way, I feel compelled to tell her how happy her food makes me. My blogging partner in crime Lee is also going to be doing a review of her book, Pimp My Rice in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Go to either of the Mowgli restaurants if you enjoy 'bits' or grazing like I do. It's a lovely way to try lots of new things, without dicing with gout or actual death. I may have been twice in a week, but I'm already trying to think of an excuse to go again.


  1. Wow, it looks amazing. This place is on my list and you've made me more excited than ever to try it out - and one of those lychee rose martinis!

    1. Best cocktail ever... Make sure you check out the pics on the Liverpool post too! X


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