Thursday 4 July 2013

Smoak Bar and Grill - Malmaison Hotel, Manchester

Smoak Bar and Grill, Malmaison Manchester
I woke up feeling like a creature. We had stayed at Malmaison Manchester after a night out at Solita, and despite my disposition, I was rather excited about breakfast at Smoak. I was also hungry like the wolf.

Smoak is a rather stylish place indeed. Seating arrangements come in the form of relaxed custom chesterfields, red leather bar stools, or booth style tables. 
Smoak Bar and Grill, Malmaison Manchester
Smoak Bar and Grill - Menu
Breakfast is a leisurely affair at Smoak. We were presented with a menu, and told to help ourselves to fruit, cereals, pastries and juice whilst we decided what to order.

Our waiter brought us tea, coffee and a rack of toast. I also sampled some fruit and the most amazing granola ever! It was more like flapjack, hence it being so outstandingly good. No dusty fruit and nuts here...
Smoak Bar and Grill - Drinks
Toast is simple but perfectly done, and comes with a little tree of condiments, including jams, marmelades and honey. The butter was room temperature too - extra brownie points. No-one wants destroyed toast at 8.45am on a Saturday morning.
Smoak Bar and Grill - Drinks
Onto the mains. My husband went for the boiled eggs with soldiers, which he asked for runny. They arrived perfectly cooked with a 'cone' of soldiers.
Smoak Bar and Grill - Eggs and Soldiers
I ordered waffles with smoked bacon and maple syrup. These are the home made type, not the solid shop bought monstrosities, and the bacon was crisp with charred edges - perfect. I practically cremate bacon at home. You have to applaud an establishment who gives you a pan full of syrup. Three cheers for Smoak! The waffles were delectably soft on the inside with crisp edges.
Smoak Bar and Grill - Waffles with Bacon and Maple Syrup
It's not cheap to stay over at Malmaison, but if you get the package which includes breakfast, you can guarantee leaving with a smile on your face and a full belly. If I hadn't been in polite company, I would have been tempted to graze all morning from that bar of continental treats...

This has to be one of the best breakfasts in Manchester. I'm eager to go back for one of their famous steaks now...
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  1. I went to Smoak Bar & Grill fairly recently for a nice girly dinner. Maybe you could read my post on it over here, you should definitely go for dinner!


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