Saturday 12 January 2013

Thyme Deli, Horwich

Thyme Deli, Horwich
Have you ever had one of those moments where something is so obvious that you could just kick yourself? Me too. This morning. Thyme Deli is one of my favourite places. It's comfortable, the staff are great, the food is fantastic, they sell things I love and it was where cake club was born. So why have I never reviewed it? Dimbo.

We've been going here for years. Thyme is in a prime location at the top of Winter Hey Lane, at the crossroads with Lee Lane in Horwich. It reminds me of a cafe that my grandad took me to as a little girl. We had hot toast with real butter, and he said hello to everyone we saw. I thought he knew the whole of Horwich! It's more likely that folk were just friendlier back then. My favourite childhood cafe closed, later became Max Max, and is now Siam Balcony. Incidentally if anyone knows what it was called, I would be very grateful! 

For years Horwich was filled with crappy caffs pumped with the smell of grease and cigarette smoke. Many a General Studies lesson was spend inhaling these noxious fumes, but then in 2003 Amanda Biggs decided to take the bull by the horns and follow her dream. She left her job and opened Thyme Deli. I've said it before and I shall say it again. Russ Abbot put it best... I love a party with a happy atmosphere. People who go to Thyme are a friendly sort; pottering round, meeting friends or just relaxing. They smile at you when passing. When we have had cake club in the lounge, they have come through for a chat and to admire the cakes. Nice people go here. 

Thyme is also an Aladdin's cave of pretty cookware and kitchenalia, locally sourced jams and chutneys, and condiments galore. I often pop in for a spot of baking inspiration, just as I did today. Of course it would be rude not to have some breakfast whilst we were there! They brain needs food in order to be creative you know...  
Thyme Deli, Horwich
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Thyme's full English is to die for. Two slices of toast, two bacon, two sausages, cherry tomatoes, a fried egg and mushrooms (or beans if you're me). The sausages are a tour de force. Tasty chipolatas with a nice crunch to the skin. There is nothing greasy about this. I can never manage a full one, so my husband normally ends up eating half of mine too! However, he is being very well behaved at the moment after a festive season of excess, and opted for the healthier option of scrambled egg on wholemeal toast. Whilst he had coffee to wake himself up, I cannot go to Thyme without having one of my favourite drinks ever; Fentiman's Dandelion and Burdock. Not the obvious breakfast choice, but I'm sure it'll catch on.
Thyme Deli, Horwich - Breakfast
The food is consistently good at Thyme Deli. We never seem to leave without something new for my baking collection, jarred edible delights or at the very least a little inspiration. If you're going during the day I suggest you try the sticky sausage and Lancashire cheese wrap (Adam will argue baguette...) and a slice of cake. There is always a huge list of cakes on the menu so the hard part is choosing!

The next time you find yourself with a bit of free time, pop and see Amanda and the team. Spend an hour or so letting the world pass you by. I like to sit in the window and watch people shopping on Winter Hey Lane, mainly because I'm a nosy Parker who loves nothing more than people watching. Thyme is a great little place. I've never met anyone who has been and not liked it. It's just not possible.

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